About the Five Circle Life Plan

Five Circle Life Plan is the result of dozens of mentors, advisers, coaches, teachers, pastors, family, friends, and other wise counsel pouring so generously into the lives of Tim & Liz Pierson.

Early in their marriage, Tim and Liz wrestled with how they were going to live a life of meaning and significance—one that will leave a lasting impact. They were challenged to think about who they wanted to be as a family and what they wanted to accomplish.  They felt like there were so many options for things that they could do but lacked clarity on how ensure they were doing the right thing. When they thought of all of the options they became overwhelmed by possibilities and didn’t know what to pursue.

Taking the wisdom and knowledge of all these people and pursuing all sorts of resources, they attempted to create a framework through which they could filter idea and decisions to ensure that they knew what to say yes to and what to say no to, order to stay on track to live their mission. The Five Circle Life Plan is the result of ten years of refining and molding that plan.

They have used it for over ten years to set a course for their family and shared it with hundreds of people. In looking back on the effect of the Life Plan, they feel that about 75% of what they have accomplished is due to going through this process of intentionally setting a course aligned with Biblical truths and creating a specific plan that provides clarity on what to do next. 

Their hope is that it the plan will make it easier for people to determine "who they are" and "where they are going" in life so they can live with more purpose and less stress, build strong families and communities, and make the greatest positive impact possible.  

Personally, Tim & Liz run The Tim Pierson Home Sales Team that is a part of Keller Williams Realty.  The team has the mission of "honoring God and helping people achieve their long-term personal and financial goals through the use of real estate."  The Five Circle Life Plan is part of their effort to help individuals and families achieve their personal goals. In addition to real estate, they serve as the volunteer Chaplains for the Washington Nationals Baseball Club. They serve the players, families, and staff as they attempt to live lives of meaning and significance in the environment of professional sports. They have three daughters and live in Vienna, Virginia.


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