What is My Purpose?


At some point in our lives—most likely after the most productive years have past, we will look back on the time that we had and evaluate what we’ve accomplished. In hindsight, we will be able to see the choices we made and the paths they carved in the world. We will ask ourselves a few big questions:

1. What impact did my life make?

2. Did I use my time on the most important things?

3. What could I have accomplished if I had done something differently?

No one wants to look back at the end of their life with regret. We want our lives to matter. We want to have made a difference by being here and we hope to leave a lasting impact. To have lived a life of significance.

A life of significance doesn't happen on its own, though. We hope that it will, but we often let other people's expectations, priorities, and influences consume our lives until they are over and we look back at our lives regret. If we are going to live a life of significance we need to know what that looks like and have a plan to pursue it. If you want something, you are going to have to do something; in order to do it well, you are going to need a plan. In short, if you want to have, you need to plan. The Five Circle Life Plan is an option for creating that plan.

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