Mastermind Group

For those who have been through the Five Circle Life Plan training, we offer small group follow up sessions to make sure that your plan is complete and  firmly in place to ensure you get the best results.


MAsterMind Session

In the mastermind session we take a deep dive into the creation of the Life Plan for those who have been through the training but haven't fully put their ideas on paper yet.

We will work to help everyone refine and clarify their mission and core values and set goals in each circle that help us all achieve our missions.

We will all share some of our goals and ideas with others to get feedback, suggestions, and encouragement. 


Quarterly REview & Tune Ups

For those that have been through the training and the mastermind session we have tune-up meetings every 3-6 months to review your short term goals, set new goals, and brainstorm ideas for the future and significance.

This is a great time to discuss ideas with other people who are also focused on living a life of significance. It's also helpful to have a date on the calendar where you know you will review and update the plan to provide accountability.