First things first. You need to identify your mission. Your mission is your purpose—it’s your design. God created you (or your family) for something important. You are important to His plan and He wants to you be a part of the miracle.  Do you know what your mission is?  It answers the question “Who am I?”

Without knowing your mission, you may feel like you are floating through life.  

One of the greatest threats to living a life of meaning and significance is busyness. It’s doing a lot of stuff that doesn’t matter.

Exercise to define your mission:

In one to three sentences describe your main objective(s) in life and write it down. Your mission should be the thing(s), that if everything else was a complete failure, you would still consider yourself successful if you accomplished this. 

This can be very difficult to identify. You want to write the statement out and make it as clear and concise as possible. In doing this exercise, consider the following:

1.     You don’t have to decide the final version of this statement right now. This is like creating a sculpture, you might not know what exactly it’s supposed to be right now. You start with a block of clay (a few statements) and have an idea for the sculpture you want to create but don’t know exactly what it will be. Start molding the clay by writing some things down that really matter to you. There are no wrong answers to begin with and you will refine it over time.

2.     Use the following to filter the statements you wrote – if we accomplish this, will it make us truly content in life or just happy for a time?

Once you have identified your mission, proceed to core values.