Step 1

"Who am I?" - Identifying Your Mission

What is the one thing that you want to accomplish, so that at the end of your life you can say you made a lasting impact on this world? This is your mission.  

Do you know what that is for you or your family? It can be difficult to find but it is worthy of pursuing, because once you have identified your mission, you can focus all energy and resources toward achieving it. Defining your mission clarifies who you ARE.  

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Step 2

Define Your Core Values

What are the values that matter most to you and your family —the things you would not want to compromise in order to achieve your mission? These are your core values and you have them for yourself individually and for your family. When you have identified them, and clarified what it looks like to stay true to them, you will have a powerful sense of direction. With a clear mission and core values you can be confident in “who you are”. The next step is “where are we going?”

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Clarify Success with The Five Circles

We work incredibly hard and sacrifice a lot to achieve certain goals that we think will make us “happy” and feel “successful,” but we become discouraged when we realize that the happy feeling of accomplishment doesn’t last. Soon the feeling of discontent comes back again and we are left thinking “there has to be more”—so we identify another goal and keep going after the next thing. It leaves us feeling like we are running a race where the finish line keeps moving. It’s exhausting.

When we feel this way, it’s because our expectation of what success looks like is off.  The key to living a life of significance is determining what true success looks like, so we pursue that instead. The Five Circles help you create a plan to pursue true success in five areas (Personal, Professional, Financial, Spiritual, and Family). It helps provide balance in life and offers Biblical benchmarks to use as reference points to make sure you are running the right race. It then helps you identify where you are off course and helps you set a plan to get back on track.  

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Step 4


Once you have clarity on what you need to do, you can often feel overwhelmed and way behind. In this step, we look at what are the most important activities to work on. We build out the plan of short term, mid-range, and long term goals, and build sequentially so that you have a solid foundation under you, in case there are set backs. Then we set time frames for assessing how we are doing and schedule checkpoints to reevaluate and refine the plan.  

Step 5

Acknowledge and Remove Roadblocks

You may find that no matter how much clarity you have on your mission and core values, or how much you plan, you still struggle to make progress. This can be caused by many things, but there are some common problems that people have such as limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, or simply a lack of training. In this section we look at some of these areas and suggestion solutions to keep you moving. 


Regular Review and Refinement of Plan

A plan is great, but if you never look at it then it’s useless. In this section we discuss how to review the plan regularly, celebrate your victories, and then refocus on the next activity to build a life of significance.

When done the right way, you will live life with a sense of purpose. You will know that your life is making an impact and there is a sense of excitement about what comes next. Life will never be boring.  People who live this way have an energy about them that other people want to be around. Lacking their own direction, they tend to follow people who know who they are and live with purpose.