2017 Pierson Family Road Trip


Personal and Family Goals...

When we were kids, both Liz and I took road trips out west with our parents (separately) to see some of the National Parks and our beautiful country. When we got married, we made a family goal to take our kids on a similar trip when the youngest was old enough to be self sufficient and the oldest wasn't yet a dramatic teenager. We couldn't figure out how to take multiple trips to see all the different parks and sites so we just decided to do the whole thing in one shot. 15 states, 5,500 miles, 33 days. It was a haul and it's hard to remember everything, so we created this video so that hopefully our kids will remember we were decent parents when they are deciding on our nursing home.  We share it with our friends to give you some ideas in case you ever want to try it out. Give us a call if you do and we'll give you our best advice. God bless!

The Piersons